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tell es-safi



The archaeological site. Tell es-Safi is a large biblical site in Israel, located between Jerusalem and Ashkelon, along the southern side of the Elah valley. The settlement was inhabited continuously from the Chalcolithic period (5th millennium BCE) until modern time. The identification of the site was controversy. Based on recent evidence most scholars have recognized the tell with Gath, the birth place of Goliath and the most important city during the earliest Philistine history. Despite its importance, few archaeological research has been conducted at this site and only in 1996 began a long term research project at Tell es-Safi.

From: Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project


Why the Vessels from Tell es-Safi? Two fragmented vessels from the 9th century BC were chosen as a GRAVITATE and, similarly to the Sardinian Vessel, as a benchmark dataset for the re-assembly and matching algorithms. They are suitable for this purpose because many fragments for each vessel are available and thus there are many pieces that can be matched and re-assembled. In fact the first vessel is broken in 15 fragments, and the second one in 32.  Futhermore, all the 3D models of the fragments were printed to have also a physical three dimensional representation of the pieces that are used for manual re-assembly and comparison with the virtual re-assembly results. 


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